About us

The company TBS Team 24, located in Maribor, has been providing clients such as insurance companies, banks, car industry, tourism and other industries with assistance services since 1996.  We provide our clients with 24-hour mobility and security throughout the year. Keep the doors of your company open even after office hours with the help of 24-hour call centre TBS Team 24. Our company employs highly motivated employees – operators, who are able to find suitable and quick solutions for every problem. Each employee is, in addition to native language, proficient in at least two foreign languages, which enables us to assist your international clients too. All gathered information is immediately passed to an accountable person in your company.

We are equipped with an exceptional phone support for our corporative clients, regardless of their field of expertise. The service encompasses much more than merely picking up the receiver. Our operators will discuss with customers their expectations and needs; upon obtaining the required information, they will forward it to executives at subscriber’s company. We will utilize your customer care service and your external or internal associates to ensure meeting your clients’ needs. We will also assure an apt case “Follow-up”, including informing the customer of the findings.

In accordance with subscriber’s demands a social call will be conducted on subscriber’s behalf to substantiate professional relations with the customers. All services are provided without delays and losses, timely, competently and kindly.

We are proud to declare of being very quick and flexible in regards to human resources and implementation of innovative technological solutions. The latter is a domain of our development department. To assure appropriate communication with your customers we would develop individual user interfaces for gathering and handling information, regardless you company’s sphere of activity. This gathered information is always available to the employee, responsible for pertinent department in your company. The notification intervals after working hours can vary from instant to deferred until the next day. Certainly, we ensure also a thorough analysis of incoming and outgoing calls, which enables you a more precise directing of your marketing activities.

Beside the professional cooperation we also find time for binding amicable ties.