We are equipped with an exceptional phone support for our corporative clients, regardless of their field of expertise. The service encompasses much more than merely picking up the phone. Our operators will discuss with customers their expectations and needs; upon obtaining the required information, they will forward it to executives at subscriber’s company. We will also assure an appropriate case “Follow-up”, including informing the customer of the findings, if needed.

In accordance with subscriber’s demands a social call will be conducted on subscriber’s behalf to substantiate professional relations with the customers. All services are provided without delays and losses, timely, competently and kindly.

24/7 availability

The 24 hour availability throughout the year is written in the genes of TBS Team 24. 


Worldwide presence

Allow them to reach your company even after your competitors are already closed.


Expert team

The integrity of company and its employees is corroborated by the period of employment.